Grand Representatives

Note: If you have been presented with a Gr. Representative Commission and your name is not listed here or is incorrectly listed, CLICK HERE to E-Mail:Bro. Don Williams, PGP - Content Admin for correction.
Please Note : A motion was ratified at this year 2024 Grand Chapter Session to reinstate the announcement of a GGCCM's, PGM's, PGP's & GO's Gr. Represent-ative Commission during their introduction.

⃞ Alabama Aug.31/25
⃞ Alberta Shirley McMcBride Aug.31/24
⃞ Arizona Aug.31/25
⃞ Arkansas Harley Peterson Aug.31/25
⃞ Australia Elizabeth Goldie Aug 31/24
⃞ B.C./Yukon Aug.31/25
⃞ Bolivia Norma Caswell Aug 31/24
⃞ California Doug Kaine Aug.31/25
⃞ Colorado Colleen Stewart Aug.31/25
⃞ Connecticut Martha Evans Aug.31/24
⃞ Delaware Anne Murray Aug.31/25
⃞ Dist. of Columbia Colin Allen Aug.31/24
⃞ Florida Jeannie Wheelock, PGM Aug.31/25
⃞ Georgia Aug.31/25
⃞ Idaho April Henry Aug.31/25
⃞ Illinois James Hanley Aug.31/24
⃞ Indiana Gordon Rattray Aug.31/24
⃞ Iowa Ron Bateman, Sr. Aug.31/24
⃞ Italy Vernon Lister Aug.31/24
⃞ Kansas Ron Jagoe, PGP Aug.31/24
⃞ Kentucky Heidi Dychow Aug.31/24
⃞ Louisiana Burton Hall, PGP Aug.31/25
⃞ Maine Annie Watson Mar.01/26
⃞ Manitoba Cathy McGinn Aug.31/24
⃞ Maryland Aug.31/25
⃞ Massachusetts Sandra Zamora Aug.31/25
⃞ Michigan Lynda Swan, GGCCM Aug.31/24
⃞ Minnesota Janice Allen Aug.31/25
⃞ Mississippi Edgar Cove Aug.31/24
⃞ Missouri Aug.31/24
⃞ Montana Elaine MacLean, PGM Aug.31/24
⃞ Nebraska Douglas Swan, PGP Aug.31/25
⃞ Nevada Sylvia Bannister Aug.31/24
⃞ New Hampshire Barbara Greenlaw, PGM Aug.31/25
⃞ New Jersey Joe Linke Aug.31/25
⃞ New Mexico Wendy Oakley Aug.31/25
⃞ New York Lynne Hatt, PGM Aug.31/24
⃞ North Carolina Lynda Williams, PGM Aug.31/24
⃞ North Dakota Rosalie Clifford Aug.31/25
⃞ NS & PEI Merrilee Hoyt Aug.31/25
⃞ Ohio Robert McInnis, PGP Aug.31/24
⃞ Oklahoma Serena Bradford Aug.31/24
⃞ Ontario Kevin Wilson, PGP Aug.31/25
⃞ Oregon Aug.31/24
⃞ Pennsylvania Aug.31/25
⃞ Puerto Rico Linda Ames Aug.31/25
⃞ Rhode Island Sally Donald Aug.31/25
⃞ Saskatchewan Aug.31/25
⃞ Sao Paulo Laura Burns Aug.31/25
⃞ Scotland Aug.31/25
⃞ South Carolina Kim Brown Aug.31/24
⃞ South Dakota Aug.31/25
⃞ Tennessee Paul Fullarton Aug.31/24
⃞ Texas Maxine MacMillan Aug.31/25
⃞ Utah Allan Gillis, PGP Aug.31/24
⃞ Vermont Brenda Saunders, PGM Aug.31/25
⃞ Virginia Jacquie Boutilier, PGM Aug.31/25
⃞ Washington Joyce Spence Aug.31/24
⃞ West Virginia Peggy Jagoe, GGCCM Aug.31/25
⃞ Wisconsin Glendon Hill Aug.31/24
⃞ Wyoming Darrell Munn, PGP Aug.31/25