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Navigating TABS on this Website


The HOME tab is our welcome page where the website opens when first accessed. It shows our current WGM (Worthy Grand Matron) and WGP(Worthy Grand Patron). Below the photos is the current message from the Worthy Grand Matron and items of Note.


This tab showcases our whole Grand Family of Officers, the WGM (Worthy Grand Matron) and WGP (Worthy Grand Patron); and; a brief description of their personal favourites (flowers, songs, hyms and their projects). This is followed by photos of all the members of the current Grand Family with their name and Home Chapter.


The EVENT CALENDAR tab is our page where the monthly meetings of our chapters are displayed as well as Grand Family Official Visits and 'Local Events". Each month shows our the dates and times of these 'get togethers'. More detailed descriptions of events can be found in the CALENDAR SUBMENUs.


The LOCAL CHAPTERS tab is our page where the Chapters of the New Brunswick Grand Chapter are listed. At the top of the list is a Blue-link to maps to the chapters below. This is followed by the Grand Chapter, then by the 14 Subordinate Chapters. Each one shows the date of Institution and Constitution; the location where they meet; the time and day of the month when they are open; and the local 'Contact person' (Usually the Secretary. A indicates they are open during July/Aug and a indicates they are open during Jan/Feb. If open in the summer months they are closed during the winter months and 'vice-versa'.
At the bottom of the page is a Blue-link to the 30 chapters which have closed or 'Gone Dark'. These are listed with Blue-links to their History and when they began, where they met and when they closed.


This tab is our memorial page representing the empty chair where our cherished members once sat with us in Chapter prior to their 'Passing'. Deceased members names are posted here for 6 months. Clicking on their name will show their obituary and details of their 'Eastern Star' life.


This tab showcases the GENERAL GRAND CHAPTER. On this tab you will find photos of our current Most Worthy Grand Matron and Most Worthy Grand Patron who head the governing body of the Order of the Eastern Star worldwide. Immediately below is the link to the Eastern Star Journal, their FREE on-line Publication. Here you will find links to their Home pages and links to Subordinate Chapters and the Grand Chapters throughout the world. Below this is the list of the two Grand Chapter of New Brunswick's members who who have been General Grand Chapter Officers, notably Most Worthy Grand Patron and Worthy Grand Warder. This is followed by our currently serving General Grand Chapter Committee Members followed by a list of all those who have been honoured by that distinction and our and Ambassadors since our inception as a Grand Chapter in 1930.


This is a listing of the vOfficial Visits by our Worthy Grand Matron, the Worthy Grand Patron and other Officers of the Grand Family. Check this list before you travel to these events; as, weather and other unforeseen circumstances may cause cancellations and their subsequent rescheduling.


This tab is where the you will find our History, its Origins, Constitution and a List of our' Past Grand Matrons (PGM) and Past Grand Patrons (PGP).
Additionally, each decade is displayed with a photo of the decade's first WGM. Clicking the photo of the first WGM of a decade (or the text below) will access another page with photos of the 20 WGMs & WGPs of that decade. Clicking the name below each photo displayed will access their their personal History, if deceased (shown with a * symbol) their memorial is displayed. Missing early photos are represented with a grey outline. Period photos with a description will be represented below the PGM/PGP photos as well. HINT: if you see Blue-coloured text, click it for additional highlights.


These are short notices of event Cancellations, Dispensations to cancel Meetings (weather events, etc) & Subordinate Chapter Event Notices.

HINT wherever you see Blue-coloured text, click it for additional highlights.