Birth of the Grand Chapter of New Brunswick

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The Eleven Founding Chapters and the Formation of the Grand Chapter of New Brunswick
Source: 1955 GC Annual Proceedings on Grand Chapter's 25th Anniversary

Worthy Grand Matron, Worthy Grand Patron,
Most Worthy Grand Matron, Past Most Worthy Grand Patron, fellow members all:
As there has to be an introductory or preparatory period in industry, education, agriculture, professional careers, etc., so had there to be an introductory or preparatory period in the life of the Order of the Eastern star in the Province of New Brunswick. It is most fitting, therefore, at this twenty-fifth anniversary that we pause and remember.
Victoria Chapter #1
In the Town of Woodstock, where we are now in session, lived Lottie L. Kyle who, with Mr. and Mrs. John Lindsay, Mrs. George Gibson, Walter Stone, Mrs. James Johnstone, Miss Sadie Johnstone, and others interested in the Order of the Eastern Star, became members of Fidelity Chapter No. 32, Houlton, Maine. Later, assisted by Mrs. Cora Putnam, W.G.M., Maine, a meeting of interested Masonic families was held during the spring of 1909 and on March 23, 1909, Victoria Chapter No. 1 was organized. The Chapter was constituted April 28, 1909, by Albert Newbert, P.G.P., Maine, deputy for the M. W. G. P. so to do. Mrs. Kyle was selected as the first Worthy Matron and John Lindsay, Worthy Patron, of Victoria Chapter No. 1. Officers of Victoria Chapter later assisted in instituting and constituting Chapters No. 6 and No. 7.
Sunrise Chapter #2
In Upper Mills, near the southwestern border between New Brunswick and Maine, three Master Masons became interested in the Order through relatives living in Massachusetts. These men interested others in their community and in due time a petition was forwarded to the head office, General Grand Chapter, Washington, D.C. On June 2, 1911, Willis D. Engle, M.W.G.P., assisted by officers of Orion Chapter No, :>, Calais, Me., instituted Sunrise Chapter No. 2 at Upper Mills. The charter, dated June 24, 1911, was signed by Willis D. Engle, M.W.G.I'. M. Alice Miller, M.W.G.M., and Loraine J. Pitkin, R W. Grand Seer, I,,, v. The first Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron were Edith N. Chase and Clifford G. Chase, respectively. The chapter might be called International- members residing on both sides of the border. The Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes are always presented. The Chapter has always enjoyed the fullest co-operation and support of the Masons in their community. Official visits from Most Worthy Grand Matrons were much appreciated.
Celestial Chapter #3
In the City of Fredericton, capital of New Brunswick, and situated on the beautiful St. John River, a number of Masons and their wives were much interested in the Order of the Eastern Star. Accordingly a meeting was held at the home of Mrs. R. G. Lee to make proper arrangements re organizing a Chapter. On June 5, 1911, a dispensation was granted for 60 days or until the Chapter was fully organized and a charter granted. In other words Celestial Chapter No. 3 was then instituted. The Charter, dated June 24, 1911, was signed by Willis D. Engle, M.W.G.P. Mrs. R. G. Lee was the first Worthy Matron and Mathew Tenant the first Worthy Patron.
Queen Mary #4
Near the New Brunswick-Maine border in the town of Milltown, lived Arthur Hiltz, a member of Sunrise Chapter No. 2, whose interest in the Order resulted in Queen Mary Chapter No. 4 being organized in Milltown. This Chapter was instituted March 21, 1921, by the officers of Sunrise Chapter No. 2, deputized so to do, and was constituted by Dr. Alfred C. McDaniel, M.W.G.P., assisted by Mrs. Ellie L. Chapin, M.W.G.M., and Mrs. Minnie E. Keyes, R.W. Grand Secretary, on October 5, 1922. The first Worthy Matron was Mrs. Ethel Trimble and the first Worthy Patron was Frank Sharp. Queen Mary Chapter meets in the Masonic Lodge room, Milltown.
Frank H. Tingley #5
To the City of Moncton, on the famous Petitcodiac River near the border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Lottie L. Kyle, first Worthy Matron of Victoria Chapter No. 1, Woodstock, had moved and had taken up residence. Naturally Mrs. Kyle interested Masons and their families in the Order and became principally responsible for the organization of Frank H. Tingley Chapter No. 5 in that city. On May 16, 1922, the Chapter was instituted by D. W. Kyle, deputized by Dr. Alfred G. McDaniel, M.W.G.P., to conduct the ceremonies. On October 9, 1922, Frank H. Tingley Chapter No. 5 was constituted by D. W. Kyle, deputized as before and assisted by Mrs. Ruby Ripley as Marshal. Mrs. Lottie L. Kyle became the first Worthy Matron of the new Chapter and O. B. Dobson, the first Worthy Patron. Miss Trecia Kyle was the first secretary. The first bylaws were approved by Mrs. Ellie L .Chapin, M.W.G.M.
Friendship Chapter #6
Up the St. John River Valley in the Town of Hartland, Carleton County, lived Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelly who formerly were Eastern Star members in Maine. They were instrumental in having Friendship Chapter No. 6 organized in Hartland. The Chapter was instituted the afternoon of June 15, 1922, by Philip A. Jerguson, W. G. Sentinel, as deputy for the M. W. G. P., Dr. A. C. McDaniel. Officers from Victoria Chapter No. 1 assisted. On the afternoon of October 6, 1922, Friendship Chapter was constituted by Philip A. Jerguson, again deputizing for Dr. McDaniel. Miss Evelyn Tedlie was selected Worthy Matron, Arthur Kyle, Worthy Patron, and Mrs. Emma T. Kelly, Secretary. Thirty-one members are listed on the Charter.
Carleton Chapter #7
Under the guidance of Andrew Davis McCain, D.D.G.M., Grand Lodge of New Brunswick, A.F. & A.M., at the time, Carleton Chapter No. 7 came into being in the village of Florenceville, 12 miles above Hartland, also on the St. John River and in Carleton Lodge No. 35, A. F. & A.M. jurisdiction. Thirteen eligible applicants were initiated into Victoria Chapter No. 1 in June and following months of 1921, and formed the nucleus of the new Chapter. The Chapter was instituted the evening of June 15, 1922, in the Masonic Lodge room, East Florenceville, by Philip A. Jerguson, W.G. Sentinel, deputy for Dr. A. C. McDaniel, M.W.G.P., assisted by officers of Victoria Chapter No. 1. Degrees were conferred on 15 candidates at this meeting. The Chapter was constituted and officers installed the evening of October 6, 1922, by Philip A. Jerguson, W.G. Sentinel, again deputizing for Dr. A. C. McDaniel and assisted by Mrs. Willward Patton, W.G.M., Maine. Miss Faye Burtt was selected Worthy Matron, Andrew McCain, Worthy Patron, and Miss Muriel W. McCain, Secretary. Degrees were conferred on one candidate. Visitors from Victoria Chapter No.1 and from Friendship Chapter No. 6, were present. The official visits of Mrs. Cora Franz, May, 1924, and Mrs. Emma Chadwick, May, 1928, Most Worthy Grand Matrons, were much enjoyed and appreciated. Mention must also be made of the wonderful help afforded Carleton Chapter by Mrs. Minnie E. Keyes, R.W. Grand Secretary, who made smooth the path many times.
St. Stephen Chapter #8
Again to the southwestern border between New Brunswick and Maine to the town of St. Stephen, where Masons and their families were also interested. St. Stephen Chapter No. 8 was instituted January 14, 1925, by E. W. McKay, Charlottetown, P.E.I., deputy for the M.W.G.P., Dr. Will Weidner Graw. The Chapter was constituted September 6, 1926. The first Worthy Matron was Edith Woodard and Leander Mitchell was the first Worthy Patron.
Electa Chapter #9
Several Eastern Star members including Mrs. Grace Niles, Mrs. Verna Winchester, Mrs. Eliza Heffernan, Mrs. Edith Titus, Mrs. Ida Bedell and others, many of whom belonged to Carleton Chapter No. 7 though residing in Andover Masonic jurisdiction, were principally responsible for the formation of an Eastern Star Chapter in Andover. They interested others who were eligible. On October 20, 1926, Electa Chapter No. 9 was instituted by Arthur Hiltz, P.P., Queen Mary Chapter, Milltown, as deputy for the M. W. G. P. Carleton Chapter No. 7 conducted the initiatory work. On May 7, 1928, Electa Chapter was constituted by M.W.G.M. Emma Chadwick, assisted by Arthur Hiltz, P.P. Mrs. Carrie MacPhail was selected Worthy Matron and John W. Niles, Worthy Patron of Perth and Andover respectively, and Mrs. Edith Titus, Andover, Secretary. Mrs. Verna Winchester, Perth, has been secretary since 1938, and Mrs. Ethel Chantler, Andover, has been treasurer ever since the Chapter was organized. Electa Chapter assisted M.W.G.P. Philip A. Jerguson institute and later constitute Malabeam Chapter, Grand Falls.
Malabeam Chapter #10
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Koven, living in the town of Grand Falls, were chiefly responsible for the organization of a Chapter in their home town and were assisted by Mrs. Blanche White. Malabeam Chapter No. 10 was instituted on April 26, 1929. Mrs. Blanche White became the first Worthy Matron and John E. Andrews the first Worthy Patron. The Chapter was constituted February 14, 1930, by Philip A. Jerguson, M.W.G.P.
Fort Monckton Chapter #11
Members of Westmorland Lodge No. 44, A.F. & A.M., Dr. Barnhill and Jesse Peters as leaders, were responsible for the organization of Fort Monckton Chapter No. 11 in Port Elgin. The Chapter was instituted September 30, 1930, by M.W.G.P. Philip A. Jerguson. The initiatory work was conducted by Frank H. Tingley Chapter No. 5, Moncton. Philip A. Jerguson, M.W.G.P., also constituted the Chapter November 1, 1930. There were 33 members. Linnie S. Siddall was selected as Worthy Matron, and Edgar Allen as Worthy Patron. Fort Monckton Chapter gives special credit to their Masonic members who attend regularly and take an active part in the Chapter. They tell us that annually in May, the men put on a luncheon for Chapter, too.
Formation of Grand Chapter
Special projects conducted by these Chapters during this time consisted of raising funds to purchase regalia and furnishings for Chapter rooms including pianos; assisting the Masons when Masonic Lodge and club rooms needed new furnishings; assisting in local welfare work, etc. All these Chapters held their meetings in Masonic Lodge rooms and had use of kitchen facilities at meetings, banquets, teas and other legitimate fund raising social events. Truly was it said, “There was never a right endeavor but it succeeded.”
In due time these 11 Chapters expressed a wish to form a Grand Chapter in New Brunswick, and a preliminary meeting was held. “In union there is strength.” This wish being made known to Philip A. Jerguson, M.W.G.P., through the proper channels, a meeting was called by proclamation of the M.W.G.P., and held on November 5, 1930, in the Masonic Temple, Fredericton. Sixty-two delegates were present also visiting members from these Chapters. Thus, my portrayal; thus, my tribute to the loyalty and steadfastness of these 11 constituted and chartered Chapters in New Brunswick. Fellow members, remember, always remember those who blazed the trail in order that you might travel a broader, brighter road, in order that you might be of greater service to humanity through the Order of the Eastern Star.
HAZEL B. McCAIN, Grand Historian

Most Worthy Grand Patron 1928-1931

PROCLAMATION: PURSUANT to a call made by Philip A. Jerguson, West Medford, Massachusetts, Most Worthy Grand Patron of the General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, delegates representing the several subordinate Chapters of the Order in New Brunswick, under the immediate jurisdiction of the General Grand Chapter, have convened at this time and place for the purpose of organizing a Grand Chapter, and thereby promoting the interest of the Order in the Province of New Brunswick. As the General Grand Chapter has legally constituted and chartered Victoria Chapter No. 1, located at Woodstock; Sunrise Chapter No. 2, located at Upper Mills; Celestial Chapter No. 3, located at Fredericton; Queen Mary Chapter No. 4, located at Milltown; Frank H. Tingley Chapter No. 5, located at Moncton; Friendship Chapter No. 6, located at Hartland; Carleton Chapter No. 7, located at East Florence- ville; St. Stephen Chapter No. 8, located at St. Stephen; Electa Chapter No. 9, located at Andover; Mai abeam Chapter No. 10, located at Grand Falls; and Fort Monckton Chapter No. 11, located at Port Elgin, it is understood that the Grand Chapter of New Brunswick now about to be organized will and does hereby and herein, accept and recognize said Chapters as constituent Chapters, with all the powers and privileges of such, and does allow each to retain the Charter issued it by the General Grand Chapter, with its name, number and jurisdiction, as set forth in said Charter, so long as they conform to the Constitution, Laws & Regulations of the Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star of New Brunswick. - Fredericton, N.B., Nov 5, 1930

Public Announcement:


The Constitution of the Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, New Brunswick, was held on Wednesday, November 5th, 1930 at the Masonic Temple, Fredericton, with an all-day session. The M. W. G, P., Philip A. Jerguson of Boston, presided. He was assisted by the R.W.G. Secretary, Mrs. Minnie E. Keyes, of Washington, D. C. During the day a business meeting was held and election of Grand Officers. At eight o’clock in the evening the formal ceremony of Constitution and Consecration of the Grand Chapter took place; and installation of Grand Officers. The following members of Lunar Chapter No. 126, Presque Isle, Maine, were in attendance:—Mrs. Myrtle Prescott, Maude Dingwall, Gladys Whitney, Effie Benjamin and Margaret Porter! also Mrs. Elizabeth Clark and Mrs. Edna Chase of the Stella Chapter No. 180, of Limestone, Maine. The District Deputy Grand Matron G. Maie Stewart of Houlton, Maine, assisted in the ceremony of constituting the Grand Chapter. At the close of the meeting refreshments were served by the Fredericton Chapter. -GLADYS WHITNEY,Presque Isle, Maine (OES Magazine).

Officers Named at Meeting at Fredericton. Other Organizations Planned

FREDERICTON, Nov. 5, 1930 —(Special)— Organization of a Provincial Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star was completed here today and the following officers were installed tonight; Worthy grand matron, Mrs. Lottie Kyle, Moncton; worthy grand patron, R. Donald Stewart, Hartland; associate grand matron, Mrs. May King, Woodstock; associate grand patron, Arthur Hiltz, Milltown; grand secretary, Mrs. H. W. Woods, Fredericton, grand treasurer, Mrs. M. G. Siddall, Port Elgin; grand conductress, Mrs. Gladys Anderson, St. Stephen; associate grand conductress, Mrs. Ida T. Bedell, Andover; and trusties, Mrs. J. F. White, Grand Falls, Mrs. Ada Boyer, Florenceville, and Chester Noddin, Upper Mills. The organization meeting was attended by nearly 200 delegates, representing Massachusetts, Maine, Quebec and New Brunswick. High officers of the Order were present from Washington, D. C. This was the first Provincial Grand Chapter of the Order yet formed In the Maritimes. Others are to be organized in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

* * * * *

The First Grand Family
Officers 1930-1932

MRS. LOTTIE L. KYLE. Moncton........................WORTHY GRAND MATRON
MRS. MAY KING, Woodstock,.......................ASSOCIATE GRAND MATRON
MR. ARTHUR H. HILTZ, Milltown...................ASSOCIATE GRAND PATRON
MRS. HANNAH Z. WOODS, Fredericton......................GRAND SECRETARY
MRS. LINNIE E. W. SIDDALL. Port Elgin.....................GRAND TREASURER
MRS. MARGARET BARNHILL, Port Elgin........................GRAND CHAPLAIN
MRS. RUBY RIPLEY, Moncton,.........................................GRAND MARSHAL
MRS. DELLA CURRIE, Woodstock..................................GRAND ORGANIST
MRS. ETHEL McINTOSH, Hartland..........................................GRAND ADAH
MRS. DELLA LOGAN, Fredericton............................................GRAND RUTH
MRS. GRACE NILES, Andover.............................................GRAND ESTHER
MRS. NELLIE Y. McCAIN, Florenceville...............................GRAND MARTHA
MRS. MARY J. LITTLE, Milltown...........................................GRAND ELECTA
MRS. GLADYS WORLEY. St. Stephen...............................GRAND WARDER
MR. JACK E. ANDREWS, Grand Falls...............................GRAND SENTINEL

The first WGM Official Visit was to Fort Monckton #11 on May 16th 1931.

1st Session on Nov 5th 1931 (no proceedings, financial report printed)

2nd Session June 23-24th 1932, (Only the tentative Program remains).

Our First Worthy Grand Matron
Order of the Eastern Star of New Brunswick
Sister Lottie L. Kyle

Lottie L. Kyle, A tribute by PMWGP Donald Stewart
and a History of her efforts to form a Grand Chapter in NB.

Lottie L. Kyle was the Founder of the Order of the Eastern Star in New Brunswick. She was the first Worthy Matron of the first Chapter in the Atlantic Provinces, Victoria Chapter No.l, Woodstock the first Worthy Matron of Frank H. Tingley Chapter No.5, Moncton; and the first Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star of New Brunswick.

She was born Charlotte Louise Barter at Avondale, Carleton County, New Brunswick, on October 13, 1873. Her parents, James A. Barter and Maria Trecia Qrser, were both of United Empire Loyalist stock. The Barter ancestry was from England and the Qrser ancestry from Holland. The Orser name was formerly Van Auslin. Later the Van was dropped and it became Auser, finally changing to Orser. William Orser, great grandfather of Lottie, received a giant of one thousand acres of land on the St. John River, where the Town of Hartland now stands, when he fled from the revolutionary troubles in New York State. Lottie was the only girl born to her parents, and besides her they had ten sons. Three of the sons died in infancy, but the other seven grew to manhood and doted on their only sister.

Lottie was married to Daniel Woodworth Kyle at Avondale on November 22, 1894, and of the union were born three children, John, who lives in Montreal; Trecia, who lives in Toronto and Donald, who lives in Hopewell Cape, N.B. All have been members of the Order of the Eastern Star. Trecia served as first secretary of Frank H. Tingley Chapter No.5, and represented her Chapter at the 17th Triennial Assembly of the General Grand Chapter held in*Washington, D.C., at which time she was said to have been the youngest voting delegate who had ever attended a Triennial Assembly. Donald Kyle was recently Worthy Patron of Winston Churchill Chapter No.19, at Albert, N.B.

D. Woodworth Kyle was an ardent Mason, and with such an example it was only natural that Sister Kyle should become interested in fraternal matters. When they were living in Woodstock, Sister Kyle journeyed to Houlton, Maine, and received the degrees of the Eastern Star in Fidelity Chapter No.32. Other Woodstock ladies did the same, and soon Sister Kyle became imbued with the idea of having a Chapter in Woodstock. She was encouraged by Sister Cora B. Putnam of Fidelity Chapter, who served as Worthy Grand Matron of Maine in the year 1909-1910, and with great vigor they embarked upon the project. A petition was dispatched to the Most Worthy Grand Patron, Brother William H. Norris, of Manchester, Iowa, and he deputized Brother Albert H. Newhart, Past Grand Patron, of Rockland, Maine, to organize the Chapter.

On March 23, 1909, with Sister Kyle as first Worthy Matron, Victoria Chapter No.l, the sixth Chapter to be successfully established in Canada, came into being. Brother Kyle became the second Worthy Patron of the Chapter. Later, after moving to Moncton, Sister Kyle carried her enthusiasm for the Order with her and was the means of getting another petition circulated which resulted in the formation of Frank H. Tingley Chapter No.5, and again Sister Kyle served as the first Worthy Matron.

Brother Philip A. Jerguson of Boston, while occupying the positions of Worthy Grand Sentinel and Right Worthy Associate Grand Patron of General Grand Chapter, having been duly deputized, and then as Most Worthy Grand Patron, did a great deal of work in creating new Chapters, visiting New Brunswick and Nova Scotia many times for the purpose.
Finally when New Brunswick had gained eleven Chapters he proceeded to set up a Grand Chapter. There was no doubt as to who should be the first Worthy Grand Matron, and when the Grand Chapter was formed in Fredericton on November 5, 1930, Sister Kyle was installed into this high office-.

The new position only served to inspire Sister Kyle to further efforts and she visited all of the Chapters and by her gentle manners and sweetness of character wielded a great influence for good. In 1931 a vacancy occurred on a Committee of General Grand Chapter and the Most Worthy Grand Matron appointed her as a substitute and in this capacity she attended the 20th Triennial Assembly in San Antonio, Texas, in November of that year.

Sister Kyle was a devoted member of the Methodist, later the United Church of Canada. She was of a very sympathetic nature, and always felt keenly for persons in sickness or adversity. On her Chapter visits she always sought out the members who were sick or otherwise afflicted. Her husband predeceased her in August 1945, and her own death occurred at Moncton in January 1946. Her funeral was largely attended and there was an unusually large number of floral pieces. In response to a request which she had made many times, Brother R. Donald Stewart, who had served with her as Worthy Grand Patron, paid a tribute at the service. Her remains were placed in a vault and in the summer of 1946 were removed to the cemetery at Avondale, the place of her birth, and reverently interred there beside her husband.

"She followed the Star to a better land,
When the voice of the Master called clear;
She lovingly served here with heart and hand,
And she answered the Call without fear.”

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