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Joanne Gaudet
Worthy Grand Matron
F.H.Tingley No.5
Winston Churchill No.19

Allan Gillis
Worthy Grand Patron
Devon No. 37
Victoria No. 1

I would like to dedicate my year to some very special people in my life - my parents, who set an example of love, kindness, tolerance, endurance, and above all - forgiveness towards all living creatures. My late husband, Brother Bob who was instrumental in me joining the Order of the Eastern Star. My two brothers Paul and Pierre and their families, they've always been there for me, in good times and in hard times. And Bob, my special friend, whose unwavering encouragement has meant the world to me.
I also dedicate this year to the members of Frank H. Tingley Chapter No. 5 and Winston Churchill Chapter No. 19, and Cedar Atlantic Chapter No 3 Wallace N.S. thank you for your continued support.
Star love and thanks to everyone.
- Sis. Joanne

I dedicate this year in loving memory to my mother and father, the reason I joined the order and to the members of Devon Chapter No. 37 and Victoria No. 1 for their support in my journey to the east and to all the members of the Order for their support and encouragement.
- Bro. Allan
Sis. Joanne Gaudet, WGM . . . . . . . . . . .Allan Gillis, WGP, PGP

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