Charlotte Jansen-Bateman
Worthy Grand Matron



Ronald Keith Bateman
Worthy Grand Patron

The Grand Chapter of New Brunswick will meet this year on:
Friday 10th of July (Banquet) and 11th (GC Sessions & Installation)
at The Fredericton Inn, 1315 Regent St., Fredericton, NB.

“Cherish These Moments Together" Grand Chapter Sessions
2021 will be conducted as follows:

1. Grand Chapter Session to take place, for one day at the Fredericton Inn July 10, 2021. To be open to all Members of the Grand Chapter of New Brunswick, OES only.
2. After the Grand Chapter Ritualistic Opening, virtual capabilities will be available to members to view the session held in the morning and in the afternoon, the Installation of the 2021-2022 Worthy Grand Matron, Worthy Grand Patron and Grand
Officers for the ensuing year.
3. Meals (open to all members) are to be held as follows: a) Friday evening - Banquet; b) Saturday - Breakfast ; c) Saturday - lunch.
4. Nomination / Elections - submitted to the Grand Secretary no later than: May 15, 2021.
Elected Positions: I. Worthy Grand Matron II. Worthy Grand Patron III. Associate Grand Matron IV. Associate Grand Patron V. Grand Secretary VI. Grand Treasurer VII. Grand Conductress VIII. Associate Grand Conductress IX. Grand Sentinel If nominations do not come in for the positions of the Associate Grand Conductress or Grand Sentinel, by the due date, the in-coming WGM shall fill vacancies in accordance with the Constitution, Laws and Regulations of our Jurisdiction.
5 Parliamentary Report:
a) The Finance, Audit and Credential reports to be presented at Grand Chapter. (See Tentative Program)
b) Due to the pandemic, all legislation will be carried over to 2022.
c) Reports of committees containing only information shall be placed on file and printed in the proceedings.
d) Reports and other material for the permanent record for the printed proceedings shall be typewritten and given to the Grand Secretary.

"Our number one priority, through out this pandemic, has been and remains the safety of our members. In July, we will move forward to get back on our feet. I know that there will be members who will not feel comfortable gathering in July, it is for this reason that I hope that the utilization of virtual capabilities will be welcomed."