Who ( A Lament )

Who sits in the East with regal grace
In silks and satins and filmy lace?
- The Worthy Matron.
Who wields the gavel and lets you know
That she's the gal who is running the show?
- The Worthy Matron.
Who takes the bows and congratulations
For work well done in all the stations?
- The Worthy Matron..
Who broadly smiles when her year is new
And weeps when it's time to say "Adieu"?
- The Worthy Matron.

Who sits like a dummy on display
With nothing to do or nothing to say?
- The Worthy Patron.
Who can't cross his feet and' in his despair
Wriggles and slides all over his chair?
- The Worthy Patron.
Who buys the corsages and forks over the dough,
When he offers suggestions, the answer is "No"?
- The Worthy Patron.
Who lugs tables and chairs till he breaks his back
And it's three a.m. before he "hits the sack"?
- The Worthy Patron..

- by O. A. Cochrun, P.P. Huntington Ch #8,
Huntington , West Virginia