Elaine I. Maclean, GGCCM, Community Service

GGCCM 2012-2015

Sister Elaine I. MacLean

On Saturday, May 30th, 2015, approximately 140 Sisters, Brothers, family & friends, gathered in Fredericton, to honour Sister Elaine I. MacLean, GGCCM on Community Service and PGM of New Brunswick. We are especially proud of Sister Elaine's accomplishments in our beautiful order. Proceeding all the well wishes from her own family, as well as her fraternal family, we enjoyed a delicious cold plate and dessert.

Highlights of Sister Elaine's Service
in the Order of the Eastern Star

Joined Victoria Chapter No. 1 November 10th, 1981
Affiliated Celestial Chapter No. 3 February 15th, 1996
Worthy Matron of Victoria Chapter 1986-1987
(and many more times in both Chapters)
Grand Marshal 1987-1988
District Deputy Grand Matron 1988-1989
Grand Representative of Missouri 1989-1991
Grand Marshal 1999-2000
Grand Representative of New Hampshire 2001-2002
Worthy Grar}d Matron of New Brunswick 2005-2006
General Grand Chapter Committee Member on
Community Service 2012-2015

Additional Pics

Sis. Elaine's Grand Family 2005-2006

Her Star Point Officers

The Head Table

Sis. Elaine's Family

About 140 Attended to honour Sis. Elaine

Her OES History

Her Host Chapters, Victoria #1
and Celestial #3 Working Hard