Pending Grand Chapter Notices of Motion

The following are the motions that were presented and ratified by the membership at Grand Chapter in 2017.


Grand Chapter Sessions, July 28, 2017
Chapter Secretaries. Please share with your members:
The following motions were presented and passed at Grand Chapter on Saturday July 8, 2017.

1. Any member in good standing can to serve as a Page or Guard.
2. That common-law partners, for the duration of one-year minimum, are eligible for membership in our Jurisdiction.
3. That all members serving as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron that have been introduced in a higher office can stand at their seats when the Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons are introduced.
4. That, as the investments now managed by the Investment Council come due, they be redeemed and transferred to the office of the Grand Treasurer to be deposited into the “Special Fund” and will follow the instructions of the Grand Council concerning reinvesting or using said monies. The Investment Council will stay in place until the redemption of all present investments, at which time it will be disbanded.
5. That for 2018, a prize of $1000 from the Lottie L. Kyle Scholarship committee be awarded with subsequent prizes of equal amounts of up to $300 be awarded for each other qualified applicant.
6. That a committee be created by incoming WGM to work with the Lottie L. Kyle committee and present the changes at next year’s Grand Chapter.

Notices of Motion
The following are to be brought before Grand Chapter in 2018. Bro. Don Williams, PGP, put forward three Notices of Motions to be voted upon during the next Grand Chapter Session. These motions involve changes to our Laws and Regualtions.

1. That the Per Capita to chapters be increased from $5 to $6 per General Grand increase.
2. Registration fee for Grand Chapter to be raised to $20 per person.
3. Article II, Sec. 1H: Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons to be eligible for Grand Representative Commissions and to be introduced as such. Any that would not be willing to accept a commission to inform the Grand Secretary.

Doug Swan, PGP
Grand Secretary