Silent Auction

For Auction:
- a cooler that would be great on a deck, patio, camp etc...
and everything in it! All items are brand new.

It comes with everything you see in it and the number of items will grow over time.
Currently it contains:
1. The Cooler
2. 2 Ball Hats
3. BBQ Sauce
4. BBQ Apron
5. A 2 liter Coke, diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale
6. Causal Red Shirt ( Golf Shirt Style) Size Large
7. 2 Large Bags of Lays Potato Chips
8. A Dozen "Adult " Beverages
It will go to highest bidder. Anyone can bid - you do not have to be an OES member. Please make your bids in multiples of $5. ($25, $100, $155, etc.)

Bidding will close Dec. 01, 2018 and the winner will be announced at our last Grand Family Official Visit.

Send your Bid(s) to Kevin Wilson, WGP by email to:

All Proceeds go to the WGM's Project: Shrine Transportation Fund
and the WGP's Project: New Brunswick Special Olympics.