"House of Fashions" Sale Event

Dear OES Chapter Members
Your very own Worthy Grand Matron Sister Joyce McInnes Loves Sales!! So, in July during the “Rainbow’s of Friendship” Grand Sessions the Worthy Grand Matron will open her very own Rainbow’s of Friendship House of Fashions “GIANT SALES EVENT”. Bigger and better than any other sales on the planet!! At the Fredericton Motor Inn July 5, 6, and 7th. Everything will go on sale right away so when you arrive be sure to be among the first to pick up on the great bargains.

Ladies you will see the most amazing gowns gorgeous shoes and the most beautiful jewelry ever to be under one roof at the same time. Security has been stepped up to protect these great bargains from being sold at higher prices!! At the door to this amazing fashion store you will have to pass Daisy the Cow and Barney the Owl and will be subjected to trying some of the most delicious treats in order to enter!! Don’t forget the Men!! The Worthy Grand Patron Brother Ross wants you to know that there will be the best in Gentlemen’s tuxedoes’ you’ve never worn before along with shirts shoes and all kinds of carefully chosen accessories to bring you the best at the lowest ever prices.

How can they do this you might ask!! It’s because of the now famous Order of the Eastern Star suppliers of quality wear from the four corners of our Beautiful Province where only the best designs of the highest quality can be found at the lowest prices in the WORLD!!
The Worthy Grand Matron is so very proud of her very own “Beaverbrook Fashion Team” who continue to be on hand to bring you their years of sales experience along with the highest quality of service.

Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Joyce and Worthy Grand Patron Brother Ross are looking forward to seeing everyone at their Sessions and taking advantage of their Fashion Frenzy in support of their Special Projects. Shriner’s Transportation Fund, the Alzheimer’s Society and Lottie L. Kyle Scholarships.

Fraternal Love to all,
The Beaverbrook Fashion Team
Rainbow’s of Friendship
House of Fashion