Zetland #26 mourns the loss of Sis. Betty Murray

1936 – 2017
Betty died in Victoria, BC on October 12, 2017 of cancer. She was the only child of Allan and Freida (Trites) Murray and only grandchild of Moody and Dora (Johnson) Trites and eldest grandchild of William Thomas and Florence Caroline Murray.

She became employed with the Federal Government in 1960 with UIC and completed 30 years service in 1991 with Transport Canada, Civil Aviation Department, Air Carrier Operations. She was a long time member of the Order of the Eastern Star, Zetland Chapter, Shediac. Curled with the Business Girls at MCA. Betty moved to Victoria, BC in 1991 to enjoy her retirement years. Enjoyed renovating homes and making them into cozy, elegant abodes. Took up the hobby of gardening and never saw a plant, nursery or garden that she didn’t like. She loved nature and walking on new trails was always a treat.

Generous and kind with a good sense of humor. A loyal friend but did not suffer fools. A very self–reliant and a private person. Always positive with people and encouraged them in their endeavours. Had a good business head. Was in the stock market from 1984 until her death. Thanks to the late Hank Marcotte, a colleague at work, she learned the basics of the stock market. Was able to endure the ups and downs and liked large cap Canadian and US stocks.

In 2005, she met Richard Pecoraro at a senior centre discussion group on current events. Rich was an American Italian. He had 4 adult children living in the U.S. She enjoyed his personality and the Italian traits he had. She and Rich hit it off and had a wonderful full relationship for 11 years. They were the best years of their lives.

At the end of her life, Betty got great satisfaction by leaving One Million Dollars to an established, well run, non–profit organization that provides subsidized housing and support primarily to the working poor and seniors. She chose the road less travelled and lived with no regrets. She is laid to rest at First Memorial Gardens, Victoria, B.C.