The "Bear Essentials"

The ‘Bear’ Essentials
“Final Days”

Dear OES Chapter Members

Sister Eleanor and Brother Robert look forward to welcoming you to the ‘Bear’ Essentials Clothing and Jewelry Special “Final Days” Sales Event where you will see a Fine Line of Ladies Evening Gowns and Accessories and a Gentlemen’s Department at the Symphony of Love & Light Grand Sessions, Fredericton Motor Inn July 6 – 8, 2017

All of the Clothes and Accessories have been carefully chosen to bring you a very select line of clothing to accent every OES member’s wardrobe and jewelry boxes and will include beautiful gowns worn with you in mind, tops and skirts to spoil you with, jackets for those special visits and shoes to comfort your tired feet.
Our Gentleman’s Department is second to none, displaying for your shopping pleasure Tuxedoes’ waistcoats, cumber bunds, and shirts along with cufflinks, bowties, tie pins, ties, and shoes for their tired feet.

To maintain a steady supply of these fine clothes the ‘Bear’ Essentials will be looking to their now famous Order of the Eastern Star suppliers of quality wear from the four corners of our beautiful Province where they always have an eye for showing the best designs. The Beaverbrook Fashion Team continue to be on hand to show and display the ‘Bear’ Essentials “Final Days” Event bringing years of experience to help you choose and get the highest quality at the lowest prices you will find nowhere else!.

Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Eleanor and Worthy Grand Patron Brother Robert are looking forward to seeing everyone at their Sessions and buying from their Collection in support of their Special Projects. E.L.F. and the Dyslexia Learning Centre

Fraternal Love and Friendship
The Beaverbrook Fashion Team
‘Bear’ Essentials “Final Days”
Symphony of Love & Light