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Navigating this Website

Understanding Menus

The indicates a sub menu which will open when the menu item is clicked
The indicates an opened menu displaying viewable submenu items.
The indicates a menu item which can be viewed only.
An Underlined Blue Menu item is viewable when clicked.
Non-underlined Black Items are Menu Names and give no response when clicked.

The Photo Album is
Navigating the Photo Album

To ADD NEW Photos to an Album:

1. Open the Photo Archives
2. Select Login at top left of the page.

3. Enter your User Name as OES
4. Enter the "Cabalistic Word" into the password. It will show as DOTS.
5. On your computer (only) click the "Remember Me" box.

6. Click "Upload File" to upload your photos. (Pictures MUST be less than 9.77 mb in size)

7. In the Album box, scroll down and select your Chapter's Folder.

8. Click the Magnifying Glass. A window will open on your computer. Open your Photos folder. Select one, several or all photos and Click OK to upload.

9. Click Continue, Write a short description in the Title box.
10.That's it. Make sure you select "Logout" before you leave.


Thank you for sharing your photos with us!

"Click the Photo Tab to view your Photos or the following:

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